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City And Colour – Sometimes

October 8, 2009

Release Date: 2005
Similar Artist: The Spill Canvas, The Scene Aesthetic, Copeland
Genre: Acoustic/Indie/Folk
City and Colour

1. …Off By Heart
2. Like Knives
3. Hello, I’m In Delaware
4. Save Your Scissors
5. In The Water I Am Beautiful
6. Day Old Hate
7. Sam Malone
8. Comin’ Home
9. Casey’s Song
10.Sometimes (I Wish)


City And Colour – Bring Me Your Love

October 8, 2009

Release Date: 2008
Similar Artists: Luke Pickett, Dallas Green, Dustin Kensrue
Genre: Acoustic/Indie

Track List

01. Forgive Me
02. Confessions
03. The Death of Me
04. Body in a Box
05. Sleeping Sickness
06. What Makes a Man?
07. Waiting…
08. Constant Knot
09. Against the Grain
10. The Girl
11. Sensible Heart
12. As Much As I Ever Could